FAL Worker Profile: Caitlin Lamb

Full Name: Caitlin Williamson Lamb

How long have you worked at the FAL: 2 years

What is your…

Specialization: American art

Year in school: I’m a 3rd year grad student in Art History and Library Science

Favorite thing about working at the FAL:  We’ve got a great staff and a great collection.

Favorite section of the stacks: I like exploring the oversize section, there are a lot of amazing books there.

Favorite Book:  Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut

Favorite Artist: Agnes Martin

Favorite Bloomington Activity:  I like walking around downtown.  Bloomington is a great walking town.

Favorite time of day in the library: afternoon

Favorite food: My Grandma makes the best pickles that have ever graced the mason jars of this great country of ours.

Dream travel destination: I’d like to travel back in time to 1776 and meet John Adams and Charles Willson Peale.

Do you have any hobbies: drawing, painting, photography.

What other libraries on Campus have you visited: Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Library, Lilly Library, Wells

Do you have any advice for library patrons:  Don’t be afraid to ask us anything.  We love it, it’s our favorite.

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