GREENR is the New Black


With the advent and instant popularity of green technologies (as well as the inevitable widespread discussions of sustainability, pollution and the politics in regards to these), it becomes paramount that researchers are able to access authoritative content to allow them to make informed decisions. GREENR, a resource that promises to do just that, has come to the rescue!

Offering a breadth of interactive and current content, GREENR provides customizable journals and news resources, video content, refereed case studies, a variety of commentaries on heated environmental topics, primary source documents and even statistics for its users. GREENR’s content is updated on a daily basis, and intended for the scholar interested in finding sound and unbiased information regarding a plethora of current events across nations.


GREENR provides a number of portal topics (including energy efficiency, extinction, climate change, conservation, among many others) that are adapted and updated as news changes.

For ease of use, GREENR’s clear and intuitive design allows even the most novice user to find relevant information with just the click of a button.

Struggling to figure out where to start? GREENR offers a convenient, interactive map on its home page that allows you to browse by region or country, and additional resources that list green topics that are currently trending.

As always, if you encounter any troubles along the way, the friendly folks at the Business/SPEA Information Commons are happy to help! Stop by and see us in person, feel free to send an email or chat question, or even call us on the phone. Happy researching!


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Demystifying Our Special Databases

SDC and WRDS are two simple acronyms for powerful databases that can help with your in-depth financial research. These databases are only available on a specific computer in the Business/SPEA IC. Ask at the reference desk for passwords and sign-in information.

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is a database full of datasets from various aspects of banking, accounting, economics and finance. In WRDS you can find detailed historical stock quotes and price data on goods, services, buying behavior. You can also search data about auditors, Federal Reserve Bank Reports and a variety of information banks and firms publicly release. For a full list of the datasets available at our WRDS terminal check here . And for more information on how to navigate the database, visit WRDS main site.

SDC Platinum is another great source for current and historical financial data, especially for international businesses. You’ll find information on bonds, mergers and acquisitions, public and private equity and more. If you need to find out how many companies where acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 1999, as well as who was involved and who profited from these mergers, SDC is the place to search. Visit this handy guide for a tutorial on how to get the most from this specialized database.

And we can’t forget about our two Bloomberg terminals where you can find real time and historical stock, industry and market data, as well as helpful business news and analysis. For a great tutorial on how to become Bloomberg certified, visit this handy guide.

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Researching Fashion

The last of the Fall 2014 Fashion Weeks recently wrapped up in Paris.  If you are interested in the fashion industry, we have some resources you should check out!

Unveiling FashionUnveiling Fashion by Frédéric Godart is available as an e-book through the IU Libraries and examines the economic, social, and cultural aspects of “the world’s most glamorous industry.”




Advertising MenswearIf you are interested in fashion and masculinity, Advertising Menswear by Paul Jobling covers the various ways menswear has been advertised since World War II and how the advertisements interact with the ideas of sex, gender, race, class, and age during this era of social change.


Mintel Reports contains lots of reports about apparel retailing, including “Women’s Clothes Shopping,” “Men’s and Women’s Workwear,” and “Men’s Attitudes towards Clothes Shopping.”


RDS Business Reference Suite contains trade publications relating to the fashion industry, including over 100 years worth of Women’s Wear Daily.


The Vogue Archive contains every issue of US Vogue, from the first one published in 1892 to the present month, with all the big, full-color photos you’d find in the print issue.


And if you’re interested in learning more, check out our Apparel Industry Research Guide. And don’t forget to make it work!

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E-Commerce Round-Up

Marketing to Millennials: 5 Things Every Marketer Should Know
The title says it all.  You have to register with the site to download this paper, but it’s free.

Website Optimization ROI Calculator
Clickz offers this calculator to estimate ROI for Website marketing campaigns.

Burger King Builds Mobile Platform to Quickly Scale up in Payments
Burger King is launching a mobile app that will allow payments, offer digital coupons and other features. Nice example of a multi-purpose app aimed at customer loyalty and data gathering.

Target enlists mobile Web to crack second-screen commerce
Target takes product placement to the next level, pairing a special Web sales site with an episode of “CougarTown” on TBS. 25 home decor products from the Nate Berkus line were seen in the episode, and simultaneously offered for sale on the Web site.

With Organic Social Reach Plummeting, Celebrity Tie-ins Gain Importance
Article talks about the usefulness of pairing  a celebrity with a social media marketing campaign to capitalize on their existing social media following.

An online office furniture retailer invites virtual visits to its showroom
A retailer is offering live video chats to demonstrate showroom pieces to online shoppers.  They call their service “Virtual Visit”.

Mothers Adopt Digital Discounts, but Still Clip Coupons
Offers some data on mothers and coupon use, print and digital.

Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store: The New Way to Shop
What services are important to online shoppers?  See the polling data here.

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ThomsonOne Access Problems

ThomsonOne is a company database that, among other things, provides financials, news, and analyst reports (the database previously known as Investext).  See our Resources Help File for more detailed information about the contents and functionality of ThomsonOne.

Unfortunately, this resource has major access issues and here is the short version:  Internet Explorer is the only supported browser and even then, versions newer than IE9 can be problematic.

Longer version: You can usually get ThomsonOne to work in IE10 using compatibility mode.  Link to ThomsonOne from a library web page.  Look in the address bar for an icon that looks like this:  compatibility iconThat is the compatibility view button.  Click it and it will turn blue and ThomsonOne should load.   The address bar will now look something like this:


You may have further problems downloading data or reports from ThomsonOne.  You will need to disable the pop-up blocker. When you see the message “Internet Explorer blocked a pop-up from” elect to “Always Allow” pop-ups from this site.

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Job Search Resources

Looking for a job after graduation or an internship this summer? Kelley and SPEA offer great resources from their career centers. Visit the Kelley Undergraduate Carrier Services and SPEA Career Development Office.  They can provide job postings, help you write resumes and cover letters, and provide career advice within your field.

As you wait to hear back from potential employers, here are some things you can research right now to prepare for you big interview:

Find organizations in a specific area or industry:

Looking for a large consulting firm in Chicago, or a small marketing company in Oregon? Gather a list of companies by geography, industry, size and more criteria though Dun & Bradstreet’s database.

Research an organization:

Try Hoover’s Online  for company and industry overviews. Their reports fill you in on company history, hierarchy, financial data, and competitors. This is great information to know during an interview and can help you know potential employers.

Stay up on company and industry news:

Factiva can’t be beat for news access. Use it to read up your favorite company or industry in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Reuters and Dow reports and more!

For more helpful databases for researching organizations and industries check out our Job Search Guide.

And of course we’d love to help you out too. Sign up for a 10-15 minute Hire Ed consultation. We’ll help you get informed about the company or industry of your dreams.

Best of luck!

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New Books: Transportation and Development Edition

Transport 1The Civilizing Machine: A Cultural History of Mexican Railroads, 1876-1910 by Michael Matthews  

Call number: BUSP HE2818 .M33 2013

Matthews provides a cultural and ideological study of Mexico’s railroads, providing interesting detail and accounts of the Mexican people’s understanding of symbolic power of the railroad. Both the dictatorship of General Porfirio Diaz and political opponents used the railroad to legitimize their claims to power. Recommended for anyone interested in this period of history or the intersection of railroads, culture, and politics.

Transport 2Moving Towards Low Carbon Mobility, edited by Moshe Givoni and David Banister 

Call number: BUSP HE147.65 .M68 2013

This book is a “must-read” for anyone interested in de-carbonizing cities, looking at not just the more commonly considered economic and technological dimensions, but also the social, cultural, and behavioral sides of making city transport a low carbon reality. The holistic view of mobility and transport structures will be valuable to anyone studying this area of environmental policy.

Transport 3Roads in the Wilderness: Conflict in Canyon Country by Jedediah S. Rogers

 Call number: BUSP GE155 .U8 R64 2013

Winner of the Wallace Stegner Prize in American Environmental or Western History, this book provides an engaging look at the canyon country of southern Utah and northern Arizona and the conflict between wilderness  preservation and industrial development. Rogers situates this conflict in the long history of the region and its culture. Anyone interested in the past and future of this area, or simply the intersection of wilderness and development should check it out.

Transport 4Tracks in the Amazon: The Day-to-Day Life of the Workers on the Madeira-Mamore Railroad by Gary Neeleman and Rose Neeleman

Call number: BUSP HE2930 .M2 N44 2014

Building a railroad through the rain forests of Bolivia and Brazil was an almost 50 year undertaking. This book provides an in-depth account of the engineers and workers who accomplished this monumental task in hazardous conditions, including a harsh climate, malaria and yellow fever, and wild animal attacks. The story is brought to life through rarely seen photographs of the construction and reproductions of articles from a newspaper written for the American expat workers.

Transport 5Smart Transport Networks: Market Structure, Sustainability and Decision Making, edited by Thomas Vanoutrive and Ann Verhetsel

Call number: BUSP HE147.5 .S63 2013

If you’re interested in transport and climate change, this book will give you the economic knowledge of transport market structures crucial to tackle transportation issues from policy, competition between different modes, and the relationship with climate change. The book also provides practical guidelines for dealing with transportation issues that can be a valuable resource for economic or policy proposals.

Transport 6Fifty Railroads that Changed the Course of History by Bill Laws

Call number: BUSP HE1021 .L38 2013

Laws gives readers an overview of the importance of railroads in history in a fascinating guide full of beautiful pictures. Railways from around the world are examined for their social, commercial, political, engineering, and military influence. Anyone studying the impact of rail systems or simply fans of railroads should check this out.

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Mintel Reports, Your Friend in Market Research!

Looking for data on how often consumers buy a certain item or brand? Interested in learning what drives a consumer to purchase something or shop in a particular store? All this can be found in market research. One of the best places to find market research reports is Mintel Reports.Mintel 1





Mintel gets their data straight from the consumer. They use online questionnaires, phone surveys, consumer panels, social media and more to understand the reasons behind consumer behavior. They compile this information into easy to navigate reports, ready for you to use in your next report.

You can find data and analysis on industries such as retail, food service, household goods and more. Looking for a particular demographic? Mintel has detailed information on teens, millennials, baby boomers and any other group who purchases goods. With charts, infographics and easy downloading, this site is a one-stop shop for getting to know your consumer. Check it out!Mintel 2

** Mintel Reports requires a fast and free registration. Use your email address when registering.**

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If you’ve conducted any form of business research in your course work at IU, you’ve surely been required to find authenticated publications that substantiate the claims you’re making. Sometimes, statistics, charts, and reports sufficiently fulfill your research queries, but more often than not, the inclusion of a well-placed article citation lends your research a certain degree of insight that mere data cannot provide.

Fortunately, the librarians of the Business/SPEA Information Commons recognize your need to access a wide array of full-text journals, trade publications, conference proceedings, dissertations, and market reports to find pertinent information and thus provide for you the perfect database to do so: ABI/INFORM.  Available through any IU Library webpage, ABI/INFORM covers a broad variety of topics including business, economic conditions, corporate strategies, management theory and techniques, business trends, accounting, finance, and many others.

Navigating an article database effectively, however, can prove difficult if you don’t know the proper searching “language”. For ABI/INFORM, utilizing Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT) is the best means of narrowing or expanding your search in order to yield the most promising results. Not always intuitive, the proper way to use these terms is as follows:

  • AND for records that include both terms (narrows search)
  • OR for records that include either term (broadens search)
  • NOT to exclude irrelevant concepts (narrows search)

These tools will allow you to combine keyword terms in the most fruitful way in order to receive a pool of results that truly relates to your research. More than simply typing in a list of keywords and hoping for the best when you hit Enter, using Boolean operators will give your search focus and direction.

For a sample search, take a look  at this web tutorial made by the librarians of the Business/SPEA Information Commons. Of course, if you have any troubles along the way, feel free to use the Ask-A-Librarian live chat option or simply stop by and visit us in the Business/SPEA I.C.

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Citing It Right

You’re just starting to research your papers and projects for the semester. It’s going to be important to have correct citations to include in your finished product. What do we have available to help you?

Citations of business, environmental affairs, and public affairs sources can be tricky. The Purdue OWL is a great general citation guide, but what if you want to know exactly what a company report from Hoover’s should look like in your reference list?

The librarians at Business/SPEA have got you covered! We have a citation guide that covers SEC filings to Bloomberg data to census data in both MLA and APA styles. You can find the citation guide here, but it’s also linked to on our homepage.

IU also offers several different citation management software through IUware. The most popular are EndNote and Zotero. Both of these can help you keep track of your sources, format your citations, and cite while you write. UITS offers workshops and webinars on using Zotero, EndNote, and managing citations on mobile devices throughout the semester, as well as self-paced online learning. You can find more information about this on their IT Training page.

Now get out there and wow your professors with your citations!

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