Creative Commons

Would you like to find illustrations, videos, photographs and music to use for assignments, Web pages and presentations without the worry of copyright infringement?  

Creative Commons is an organization on the Web that is creating licenses that allow content creators to keep “some rights reserved”, and at the same time allow for their work to be available for use without permissions or fees.  Creators pick from a selection of six licenses that indicate how others can use their work.  For example, a creator may select a license that allows only non-commercial use and requires attribution.  Or, a license that allows both commercial and non-commercial uses, with attribution, but does not allow any changes to be made to the original work.  Use Creative Common’s search page to use Google, Flickr and other services to find available content.

Learn more about Creative Commons
License your own work with Creative Commons
Search for Creative Commons licensed images/videos/music/etc. you can use

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