Landing That Job

So you are nearing the end of your time at Kelley or SPEA, and you are preparing both
yourself and your resume for the job search. Like our last post about Hire Ed, this post is about the job hunting experience. Perhaps you have had discussions with friends or in classes about the importance of your resume sticking out to potential employers, be it through an amazing internship, a summer job you held, student clubs or professional organization affiliations, or special technology training that you have.

At IU there are multiple ways of becoming familiar with various computer programs,
including a certification program through UITS that won’t cost you a dime and
only takes a few hours.  These certifications, or even a simple computer skills list, will be seen as an asset to potential employers and help make your resume look fuller, separating you from other candidates. Information about these free classes and sessions can be found

We want to highlight the access IU students have to and their 24/7 e-learning
library. The web based service offers video tutorials on so many awesome programs and applications, it is almost impossible not to find videos on something you have always wanted to learn more about; and since they are web tutorials you can learn from home. Check it out here: They are rated by difficulty and are organized in series, so once you finish the first video, it seamlessly continues on to the next!

To learn more about, a representative from the company will be in the lobby of the Herman B Wells Library Wednesday, February 29th at noon.

Good luck!



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