Mintel Reports

Here is another database that offers product and industry market research reports covering the U.S. and several European countries.  These up-to-date reports combine data and analysis of the competitive landscape, market-share size and trends, and consumer profiles and often include tabular data that can be downloaded into a spreadsheet.

These recent report titles will give you some idea of the range of topics available:

  • Breakfast Restaurant Trends – US – February 2012
  • The Drug Store Shopper – US – January 2012
  • Travel and Tourism – Greece – February 2012
  • American Lifestyles – US – January 2012
  • Beer: The Market – US – December 2011
  • Beauty Retailing – Europe – January 2012

So, if you have been seeking an explanation for the recent spike in French toast prices,  or found yourself wondering who would invest $1 billion in a six-year NFL sponsorship, enter the world of market research with Mintel.

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