Historical Stock Prices

There are a variety of sources that provide daily historical stock prices.   You may first want to try a free Web site, like Yahoo Finance  or Google Finance  (date coverage can vary).

Some of our subscription databases provide daily stock prices.  In Mergent Online look up a company and choose the Equity Pricing tab. Click on Report and then enter the desired date or date range. Or use Bloomberg, available in the Business/SPEA Information Commons. Type the stock’s ticker symbol, then hit EQUITY and then GO, then choose Historical Prices.

It can be tricky to track down historical daily stock prices for delisted stocks.  We subscribe to a set of periodicals (print) that provide that data.  They are:

  • Daily Stock Price Record. American Stock Exchange, 1962 – Current
  • Daily Stock Price Record. NASDAQ, 1993 – Current
  • Daily Stock Price Record. NY Stock Exchange, 1962 – Current
  • Daily Stock Price Record. Over-the-Counter, 1968-1992

These volumes are all stored in the Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF) and you will need to request them through IUCAT.

When all else fails you can access an electronic copy of the New York Times (1851-2008) through Proquest’s Historical Newspapers database.  In the advanced search enter the name of the stock exchange and then enter the date for which you need the stock quote in the “On this date” box. You may have to look at a few pages to find the data you are looking for.





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