Beating the Post Break Blues

Yes, it’s true. As sad as it may seem, winter break is over and school is back in session. It’s easy to focus on the reasons for why we dislike this, but there are also plenty of reasons for why we should be ecstatic about being back.

1. Friends. Admit it you missed them. While it’s nice to laze about, it’s more fun to hang with some awesome people for company.

2. No parents. Now no one is saying you dislike your folks, but let’s be real. After months of freedom to make your own decisions, ignore your laundry, bathe when you feel like it, stay up as late as you want, it can be a little stifling to have mom or dad trying to tell you to clean your room.

3. Three letters…MLK. Getting back into the swing of things can be tough, but lucky for you Indiana University is kind enough to ease you back into the flow with a three day weekend, and only after being back for two weeks no less.

4. Basketball. Need I say more?

5. Libraries. Alright, alright. So maybe even with all the awesomeness listed above you still can’t shake the blues. Just remember, you aren’t in this alone. The library facilities and staff are here for you, to help you overcome whatever hurdles you might face this semester. What’s even better is they actually like doing it.


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