3D Printing the Next Disruptive Technology?

While the basic technology behind 3D printing has been around since the late 70’s, in recent years the technology has taken massive leaps forward in both sophistication and price.  From more than $10,000 for a machine a few years ago, 3D printing kits can be purchased now for under $500.  Traditionally 3D printing has been used for rapid prototyping, but advances in the field are generating numerous applications in many fields.

In medicine 3D printing is currently used for dental implants and things like artificial hips. Current research is being done to create 3D printable organs and medications.  3D printers are used to manufacture small runs of finely tuned parts in aeronautics.  In construction there are currently 3D printers that are capable of building houses  within days.  3D printers are being used to create clothes, shoes, cars, planes, and even guns.  3D printers are even used with food; it’s possible to print with chocolate, sugar, and other edible materials.

Keep your eye on this technology.


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