Bridging the Culture Gap with GlobeSmart

Does your future include working abroad or with a company with international connections?   GlobeSmart , a database recently acquired by the IU Libraries,  is an excellent tool to use if you are considering a position overseas or your business entails communicating and working with individuals from other countries.  It can also be helpful if you anticipate studying abroad or are simply planning to travel to another country.

To gain access to GlobeSmart, you’ll first need to create an account by using your IU e-mail address and choosing a password.  That completed, you’ll find in-depth information and advice at your fingertips about business, culture, and travel-related topics for more than 65 countries.  Content on fifty topics, including communicating effectively and business protocol, are continuously updated based on each culture’s changing values, assumptions, and beliefs.

My favorite part of GlobeSmart is the Assessment Profile tool.  After you’ve spent a few minutes completing your profile, you’ll have a much better understanding of your own preferred work style.  You can compare your profile to the average profiles of people in other nations.  If your profile is very different from that of the country that interests you, you’ll find advice that will expand your skill set and put you well on your way to establishing good working relationships and making credible decisions.  It’s also possible for individuals inside organizations to share profiles with each other.  Insight gained by sharing profiles can create understanding among individuals and allow for better team work.

So here’s my advice:  Use GlobeSmart before you use your passport.  It’s easy.  I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.



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