Summer Learning

Having trouble deciding what to do with all of that free summer time coming up? Why not take the opportunity to learn some new topics with free online classes! Now I know what you’re thinking. You’ve been working really hard all year studying, working on group projects, writing papers, and taking tests. Why would you want to take even more classes? Well, before you write the idea off here are some things to consider.

First, free online courses give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. There are no professors or TAs keeping tabs on when you show up, how long you stay, or even if you decide to leave halfway through. Second, they don’t involve group projects. You are free to do your own work without worrying about what everyone else is doing, or trying to schedule group meetings. Third, while some online courses help you test your knowledge with quizzes and tests, there are no consequences if you don’t do so well or choose to skip over them. Fourth, if you are feeling nervous about an upcoming course, you can use these resources to help you test the water or prepare for the challenge ahead. Finally, these courses give you the chance to learn a topic that isn’t necessarily available at your own school, or you can branch out and learn something completely detached from your own major. Just for the fun of it!

 So if I haven’t scare you off with the idea here’s a few resources to start with:

If you are strictly interested in learning from the minds at our own IU, then check out the Indiana Multimedia Distribution System. Here you can access lectures provided by the Kelley School of Business on several topics including accounting, operations, law, and finance. Just select the course from the dropdown menu and you will be taken to the course page. From there, you can select from the list of individual classes and watch them at your leisure.

 MIT Opencourseware  has been up and running for over 10 years and provides over 2000 courses to anyone interested in learning. Search, browse, or select a topic and you can start learning about a variety of topics from the comfort of your computer screen.

 Udemy is a free online course provider founded in 2010. It’s courses range from technology to music, and are taught by instructors across the globe. Unlike the other two resources, Udemy offers both paid and free classes It also requires you to create an account before you can view the videos.

There are plenty more resources out there to help you advance your learning over the summer break. So have fun and explore!



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