Find a Sovereign Bond Prospectus

Doing some research on sovereign bonds?  Bloomberg has the data and the tools to analyze all types of bonds ( it was originally a bond research database after all), but if you are a Bloomberg novice it can seem impossible to navigate.  Here are the steps to finding a prospectus for a foreign government bond.

Start by typing in the country name. Let’s say we want to find the prospectus for a bond issued by the country of Panama.  At the prompt in Bloomberg, type in Panama and the autocomplete feature should bring up many choices, including, down under Securities, a link to Panama Govt – Panama Government International Bond.  That’s what we want! Click on it.


Now we see a list of Panama’s bonds and we can select the one we want. If this is a long list it may help to re-sort the bonds by a particular field, like the issue date or maturity date field; just click on the downward facing arrow at the top of the column to re-sort.


Found a bond you are interested in?  Click on it and this bond menu screen comes up.  Current data about the bond spans the top of the screen, and common bond functions fill the page. From here type CF at the prompt (stands for Corporate Filings) and a list of all versions of the prospectus would come up.


And from that list, click on the link to download a PDF of the prospectus, which will look something like this:








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