E-Commerce Round-up

Chase for the Charms
 General Mills app for Lucky Charms nets almost 9,000 downloads and increases sales 42% in the first week.  They are magically delicious, after all. 

Ben & Jerry’s Lets Fans Vote Their City’s Flavor
 A Facebook and Twitter campaign for ice cream lovers in NYC, Washington D.C., Seattle, Portland and San Francisco (Dear Ben & Jerry’s: Thanks for nothing, signed, the Midwest)

Stores that keep up:  Retail chains turn their physical locations to their online advantage 
Bricks and mortar retailers who are growing both online and in-store sales, and how they do it.

The Monthly Bagel 
NYC’s bagel landmark Zabar’s offers an online subscription service for coffee and bagel deliveries. Result:  increased sales.

Affluent Shoppers Make Mobile an Essential Stop in the Purchase Funnel
Survey results of affluent consumers reveal m-commerce activities.

 Gilt gets physical
 An online retailer makes a tentative move to bricks and mortar.

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