Print Resources and the Environment Reporter

It may seem like you can find everything on the Internet, but this isn’t always true for research and data. Although IU and the Business/SPEA Information Commons have numerous online resources covering a myriad of topics, we also have access to useful print resources that can help you in your projects and research. These books, encyclopedias, reports and guides of all types are located right behind the reference desk in the Information Commons. Often these books are easier and faster than online resources and some contain data not available online. Feel free to ask the person working at the desk to look at these resources.

bindersAmong the items in this print reference collection are a series of binders with up to date data regarding environmental specific developments in courts, Congress, federal agencies, state legislatures, industry, and environmental organizations. These include updated federal laws and regulations for environmental standards in workplaces, manufacturing, and mining. Each law is in its entirety with a detailed index for easier searching. This resource is updated regularly as changes in these laws and regulations are altered. Within the Environment Reporter binders you’ll find such things as the specific amounts of toxins allowed in drinking water, data on acid rain control, clean up and disposal regulations in manufacturing and much more. So if you are looking for in-depth coverage of laws or just want to know what the government standards are concerning various environmental factors check out this resource.


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