E-Commerce Round-up

Beginning of the End of the Supermarket Aisle?
Peapod is placing QR-c0ded billboards in train stations so commuters can shop with their mobile devices while waiting for a train.

Wendy’s Serenades Burger, Customers With Pretzel Love Songs
 Wendy’s is promoting their pretzel bacon cheeseburger by stringing together customer tweets into professionally performed songs.

Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobiles Hit the Road and Up the Social Ante
 Join a Weinermobile team online and compete by sharing photos on Twitter and Instagram.  Prizes!

Rewarding Trends: New strategies help retailers keep customers shopping
Integrating social media with loyalty programs and rewards

3 Innovative Ways Startups Are Driving Results Over Social Media
 Three small businesses using interactive social media marketing to engage customers.


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