New Books: Environmental Policy Edition

The Business/SPEA Info Commons receives up to 100 new books each month. You can find them right behind the reference desk and check them out just like the rest of our print collection. We try to pick the most interesting books and put them on display, but with the constant shuffle some interesting reads get lost in the shift. To help out we’ve decided to pick a few and give you a brief summary. We’ll start with books on Environmental Policy.

Climate Change Ethics: Navigating the Perfect Moral Storm, by Donald B. Brown   Call number: BUSP GE42. B78 2013Climate Change Ethics

The author, Donald Brown, is a professor of Environmental Ethics, Science and Law at Penn State and has studied and lectured on climate change for more than 20 years. This expertise led him to write a number of books, including this title, which examines the disconnect between policy and ethical arguments and gives strategies to bring the two closer together. A video of a related lecture from the author can be found here (


American Environmentalism: Philosophy, History, and Public Policy, by J. Michael Martinez  Call number: BUSP GE197 .M3 2014American Environmentalism

The author offers a detailed historical-based view of environmentalism in America. Martinez follows the movement from its ancient philosophical roots to current reasoning for public policy and action. With a focus on reasoning and scientific method, this book would be helpful for anyone wanting to understand the “why” of environmentalist and eco conscious public policymakers.



Forests for the People: The story of America’s Eastern National Forests, by C. Johnson and D. Govatski  Call number: BUSP CD428 .A2 E27 2013Forests for the People

This history of our national forests is also a story of citizen activism, environmental law, and land management. Johnson and Govatski discuss environmental practices before and after sanctioned National Forests and the conservation movement that inspired their creation. It’s an interesting read for anyone interested in forests or forestry in America.


The Power of Narrative in Environmental Networks, by R. Lejano, M. Ingram and H. Ingram  Call number: BUSP GE195 .L43 2013

This commentary on activism and creating community details three case studies of environmental groups who have had success with narrative and social connection. It will be of special interest to social activists and those interested in sociology and community.

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