Course Guides: How to Find What You’re Trying to Find, Without Losing Your Mind

Finding research materials for a difficult course project can be a daunting prospect if you’re unsure where to begin. Especially at the beginning of your college career, or even the start of a new semester, it can seem well nigh impossible to track down the proper resources or to wade through the huge number of databases that a university the size of IU offers.

We understand how overwhelming this process may seem and are working hard to offer you the guidance you need to be successful in your studies. To this end, our librarians have compiled a series of Course Guides that provide links to databases specific to topics covered in the course.  You’ll also find citation guides, video tutorials, and various other project resources. If you experience any difficulties in your search or need a few questions answered, you’ll find a chat window in each guide offering you a direct line to a reference librarian.

To find these guides, simply access any IU Library homepage ( and locate the banner along the top of the page. (All libraries throughout the IU system have the same banner.)  Select the “Undergraduates” tab, find the “Class Resources” heading, and choose the link labeled “Course Guides (NEW).” This will lead you to a list of all the course guides that IU Libraries offer, in alphabetical order by course letter and number. Either scroll through the list to your appropriate class, or simply enter the class number in the search bar to narrow your findings.

From there, take the time to browse through the various resources offered and their descriptions to find those that best suit your researching needs. Databases that provide articles, statistics, company reports, market research, and a plethora of other information are available and categorized for your convenience. Still need more direction? Schedule a personalized research consultation with one of our librarians, or simply drop by the Reference Desk at the Business/SPEA Information Commons and ask for help.

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