E-Commerce Round-up

Tic Tac sees 7.94pc engagement rate with rich-media ad 
Tic Tac runs a cause-related marketing campaign with a mobile ad in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Keeping Score: How an Innovative Ad Campaign Generated Big Results for Buffalo Wild Wings 
Measuring the brand lift of a football game app that had players competing for the highest score.

Coke Zero Helps Millennials Design the Perfect Ugly Holiday Sweater 
The market research is in: millennials love tacky Christmas sweaters.  Ergo:  the Coke Zero Sweater Generator

What millennials reveal about the future of mobile marketing 
Younger millennials and their social media habits.

Mobile devices can help drive store sales 
Considers in-store phone usage by consumers.  Are they checking competitors prices?  Looking for product reviews?  How receptive would they be to receiving promotions while in-store?

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