Statistics Resources: IU, Bloomington, and Indiana Edition

Often the step in marketing research is to understand the consumer or possible consumer of your product or service. Demographic statistics are a perfect place to find this data. Likewise, when researching for a certain industry or company statistics help provide a solid profile of their impact in a region or state. Consumers, employers and industries around IU, Bloomington and the state of Indiana are a great place to base school research projects and papers. Below are resources specific to Indiana University, Bloomington, and Indiana that provide detailed statistics for research in marketing, industry, and economics:

 IU Fact Book  -  IU’s requirement for transparency is great for you because this handy report provides a snapshot of the IU student. You can find IU student home county, ethnicity, age, and more. It’s a great source to understand more about the student and the school they attend.

Another great resource specific to IU students is the IU Student Spending Habits (2004).   Compiled from marketing research classes at IU, this report shows a breakdown of the services IU students are buying and where they are spending their money.

 Stats Indiana is a thorough source for economic and demographic data for the state of Indiana. This data can be searched by topic, specific county, map radius and more. Those interested in local businesses will find data on industries in Indiana including wages, employment, and more.

 A similar resource is Hoosiers by the Numbers  which gives up to date data on Indiana employment and unemployment rates, demographics data and more. The Business Environment Radius Profile is a neat tool that gives a breakdown of the top companies within a radius of your choice and number of employees per company. In-depth regional profiles provide a view of the historical change of housing, race, education, employment and more.


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