Business/SPEA I.C. Social Media: Let’s Get Together

Do you find yourself spending more time on social media than you do on your homework?  Before you start an assignment, do you simply have to check your Facebook to make sure nothing has happened in the last 20 minutes? Do you gather more news on the state of the world through your Twitter than through official news channels? We’ve all been there at one time or another (or, if we’re strictly honest with ourselves, we might even still be there now), but it can’t be denied that sometimes we spend simply too much time looking at status updates and clever pictures rather than information with any true value.

 The Business/SPEA Information Commons has the solution! Not only do we keep you informed with exciting blog posts, but we maintain an active presence on Twitter. Our tweets offer the latest updates not only from the BUSP IC, but also across the entire IU Library system. Get instant access to information regarding all upcoming IU Library events, closings or special hours, job and internship postings across a variety of fields, links to useful blogs, news updates, and a slough of other fun facts and tips.

To access our Twitter account, follow this link. Finally, a legitimate reason to spend time on social media!




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