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The IU Libraries do a great job at helping you keep on top the maze of information we call the internet. With great electronic databases and access to useful online resources you can find just about anything. But if you’re the type that enjoys thumbing through a printed magazine or newspaper for news and analysis, you’re in luck! We have a great selection of magazines and journals for browsing within the IC. We also have current print copies of The Wall Street Journal behind the reference desk.

Here’s a small sampling of the magazines and journals we have in print:

Adweek is a sleek advertising magazine focusing on ad campaigns, marketing sectors and more. It’s fun to read and helpful for keeping up to date on news and trends.

Entrepreneur is a magazine on current trends for startup companies, small businesses management and entrepreneurialism. Started in 1997, this sleek magazines embraces the digital age with its up to date and informative site to accompany the print version.

Harvard Business Review  From Harvard University comes this management magazine with topic areas such as leadership, negotiation, strategy, marketing and more. Since 1922 this magazine has been a substantial source for business analysis and commentary. Ask for current copies at the circulation desk for a 2 hour loan.

Management Today  is a UK magazine with current business news analysis, management techniques and ideas. Book reviews, business workplace advice and interviews with current business leaders are some of what you’ll find in this magazine.

Public Voices is a journal focusing on public administration and public service. This journal isn’t afraid to discuss controversial topics within the field and is also a place for fiction, poetry, and art, as well as more formal research and commentary.

Urban Land is the magazine for the Urban Land Institute, a nonprofit concerned with real estate and land use. This magazine is the place for updates from the Urban Land Institute, market trends, news on sustainability and development issues and more.

More print journal and newspaper titles can be found with IUCAT.

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