Government Documents: Declassified!

Recent revelations of current information gathering tactics by the National Security Agency has Americans talking and thinking about government secrecy and classified information. Although we currently get new information on government activities through whistleblowers and WikiLeaks, there are additional ways to get information once considered government secrets.

Declassified Documents Reference Systems (DDRS) and Digital National Security Archive are two databases of declassified U.S. government documents. These databases are a great source for students researching important historical events and issues that shaped current U.S. domestic policy and national security.

In these two databases scanned copies of original memorandums, correspondence, and official reports are easily searchable, so it’s a perfect place for primary sources for your paper or project. You can find in-depth declassified data on many events and issues such as Vietnam, The Cold War, and even UFOs. You can search by keyword, within the text of the document, and browse through a chronology of historical events making it easy to sift through thousands of documents.

Compiled from thousands of Freedom of Information requests, these interesting databases add to the current discussion of government transparency and help us discover clearer pictures of the past.


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E-Commerce Round-up

CVS matches customers to right deal via mobile-enabled digital circular
CVS is personalizing its weekly circular for mobile users at

Macy’s makes app linchpin in Black Friday shopping experience 
Macy’s will be pushing promotions and personal shopping lists on customers mobile devices. 

Walgreens targets MapMyFitness app users, sees 8.5pc engagement rate 
Walgreen’s partners with app MapMtFitness to advertise its Balance Rewards loyalty program.  

Target Trains the Bull’s-Eye on Customer Service 
Target tries to make showrooming their friend.

How Walgreens leveraged mobile, digital to build 72M member loyalty program 

Majority of US Internet Users Will Redeem Digital Coupons in 2013

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Corporate Culture

Finding information on the corporate culture of a company can be tricky, but there are a few resources out there that can help!

Your first stop is the company’s website. Many companies will list their mission statement and company values here. Also check current job listings to see if they mention what the working environment will be like. All of these will, of course, be designed to paint the company in the best possible light.

For a more inside look, a great website is Glassdoor. You can search the website by company and get reviews written by past and current employees about what it’s like to work there. Occasionally people have even written up their job interview experiences for the website. To get full access to Glassdoor’s company information, you will have to create an account, which gives you full access for 10 days. To keep that access after the 10 day period, you must contribute to the website (anonymously, of course).

Finally, you can search for the company in article databases. Many of the business article databases have a search box for company, so you can limit your search to articles only about that company. Some search terms I’d suggest are corporate culture, corporate identity, corporate image, or case study. For further information on finding case studies, you can look at this blog post.


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Are you a Webroomer or a Showroomer?

You have heard of showrooming? You find an item at a store that you like but then search online for a good deal and buy there.  Now there is webrooming. reports on a new holiday shopping survey by Accenture that asked consumers if they planned to browse online and then go to a store to buy – webrooming! – and 65% of respondents said yes.  In fact webrooming beats showrooming in the Accenture survey, 65% to 63%.  No term yet for people who browse online, then head to a bricks and mortar store to touch and feel the product, then go back online to buy.

The Accenture report also covers Black Friday plans, spending trends, and purchase decision drivers. See the whole Report here: 2013 US Holiday Shopping Survey Results.

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Course Guides: How to Find What You’re Trying to Find, Without Losing Your Mind

Finding research materials for a difficult course project can be a daunting prospect if you’re unsure where to begin. Especially at the beginning of your college career, or even the start of a new semester, it can seem well nigh impossible to track down the proper resources or to wade through the huge number of databases that a university the size of IU offers.

We understand how overwhelming this process may seem and are working hard to offer you the guidance you need to be successful in your studies. To this end, our librarians have compiled a series of Course Guides that provide links to databases specific to topics covered in the course.  You’ll also find citation guides, video tutorials, and various other project resources. If you experience any difficulties in your search or need a few questions answered, you’ll find a chat window in each guide offering you a direct line to a reference librarian.

To find these guides, simply access any IU Library homepage ( and locate the banner along the top of the page. (All libraries throughout the IU system have the same banner.)  Select the “Undergraduates” tab, find the “Class Resources” heading, and choose the link labeled “Course Guides (NEW).” This will lead you to a list of all the course guides that IU Libraries offer, in alphabetical order by course letter and number. Either scroll through the list to your appropriate class, or simply enter the class number in the search bar to narrow your findings.

From there, take the time to browse through the various resources offered and their descriptions to find those that best suit your researching needs. Databases that provide articles, statistics, company reports, market research, and a plethora of other information are available and categorized for your convenience. Still need more direction? Schedule a personalized research consultation with one of our librarians, or simply drop by the Reference Desk at the Business/SPEA Information Commons and ask for help.

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New Books: Environmental Policy Edition

The Business/SPEA Info Commons receives up to 100 new books each month. You can find them right behind the reference desk and check them out just like the rest of our print collection. We try to pick the most interesting books and put them on display, but with the constant shuffle some interesting reads get lost in the shift. To help out we’ve decided to pick a few and give you a brief summary. We’ll start with books on Environmental Policy.

Climate Change Ethics: Navigating the Perfect Moral Storm, by Donald B. Brown   Call number: BUSP GE42. B78 2013Climate Change Ethics

The author, Donald Brown, is a professor of Environmental Ethics, Science and Law at Penn State and has studied and lectured on climate change for more than 20 years. This expertise led him to write a number of books, including this title, which examines the disconnect between policy and ethical arguments and gives strategies to bring the two closer together. A video of a related lecture from the author can be found here (


American Environmentalism: Philosophy, History, and Public Policy, by J. Michael Martinez  Call number: BUSP GE197 .M3 2014American Environmentalism

The author offers a detailed historical-based view of environmentalism in America. Martinez follows the movement from its ancient philosophical roots to current reasoning for public policy and action. With a focus on reasoning and scientific method, this book would be helpful for anyone wanting to understand the “why” of environmentalist and eco conscious public policymakers.



Forests for the People: The story of America’s Eastern National Forests, by C. Johnson and D. Govatski  Call number: BUSP CD428 .A2 E27 2013Forests for the People

This history of our national forests is also a story of citizen activism, environmental law, and land management. Johnson and Govatski discuss environmental practices before and after sanctioned National Forests and the conservation movement that inspired their creation. It’s an interesting read for anyone interested in forests or forestry in America.


The Power of Narrative in Environmental Networks, by R. Lejano, M. Ingram and H. Ingram  Call number: BUSP GE195 .L43 2013

This commentary on activism and creating community details three case studies of environmental groups who have had success with narrative and social connection. It will be of special interest to social activists and those interested in sociology and community.

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E-Commerce Round-up

Christmas in October
What do retailers have in store for us this year? Free shipping? Daily Deals? Speedy In-store Pick-Up? All of the Above!!

Nordstrom emphasizes the younger customer as it sets a goal of $6 billion in web sales by 2020
Look out Macy’s!

Target launches an online subscription retail program for baby products
Discounts and free shipping sweeten the deal. Think CRM!

Screen Star: Dickies adds no-frills product video to its website
Apparel brand incorporates simple informative product videos on its own site and through its partner retailers.

Target’s online magazine gets a mobile-first makeover
 ”A Bullseye View” has been redesigned to optimize its appearance on mobile devices.  

 In the Moment:  Mapping the latest frontier of customer engagement
Guidelines for location-based mobile marketing apps.



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Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board is scheduled for January 12-16, 2014 in Washington, D.C.  If you are interested in transportation policy, administration, or research, the Board encourages you to attend, joining nearly 12,000 transportation experts from around the world. Want to learn more?  Click here.


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Macy’s and Millennials

Millennials. Generation Y.  Echo Boomers. These are all terms applied to the generation of Americans born after Generation X, or between 1980 and 2000. More or less.  Different sources assign different start and end dates for this generation so it seems that labeling and defining an entire cohort of the population is not an exact science.  

In the marketing world, this generation receives a lot of attention.  First, there are a lot of them.  In size they rival their parent generation, the boomers.  Consumers-in-training on the younger end and creating households of their own on the older end, millennials are busy doing all the kinds of things that retailers and advertisers just love.

For anyone interested in how one retailer in particular, Macy’s, has been targeting this group, or is interested in Macy’s corporate view on the strategic importance of this demographic group, I have an article for you!  An article in this month Stores magazine, “First Comes Love. . .Macy’s woos the Millennial market.” 

Anyone interested?



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Resources Available in the Business/SPEA I.C.

We have a really great array of resources available in the IC for students! There are 16 group study rooms available, which come equipped with a whiteboard and a display monitor, to which you can hook up two laptops and toggle between them. Didn’t bring your laptop?  That shouldn’t be much of a problem, since each room also has a computer workstation.  Come to the service desk to check out a key. If you’re worried about the availability of a group study room, four of the rooms can be reserved up to a week in advance. Come to the I.C.’s service desk with your university I.D. card to make your room reservation.  Both the reservable and non-reservable rooms are available for two hours.

We also have work tables where, just like the group study rooms, you can hook up one or two laptops to a display. While you won’t have the privacy of a group study room, you also won’t have the two hour time limit. And if you need a whiteboard, there’s one available next to the laptop lockers near the reference desk. Both the study rooms and work tables are great for group work.

Maybe you don’t need to meet with your group.  Maybe what you need is a place to study quietly on your own.  That is available here too.  You’ll find the quiet study area containing private carrels in an enclosed room on the west side of the I.C.

Some special databases are only accessible from certain computers in the Information Commons.  Looking to get Bloomberg certified? You can do it here for free! Two computers are designated as Bloomberg workstations. Another computer has the Datastream, WRDS, and SDC Platinum software on it. There are also two computers that have Rosetta Stone on them for learning Spanish.

There’s one computer with a scanner available for student use and three printers. (Don’t forget to go to the computer next to a printer and release your print job!) There’s also a copier near the laptop lockers. Which reminds me! The laptop lockers are free, and each has a power outlet, so you can charge your computer while you store it.  At the service desk we have a three-hole punch and paper trimmer, and there are staplers nearby. The service desk is also where you can access course reserves, check out books from the collection, and get help from the reference desk.

And last but definitely not least, the RPS Café at the I.C. can provide the food, caffeine, or sugar you need to get you through that big assignment or early morning class.

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