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Safety sources for college students

When I think of Safety for college students, I automatically think of “traffic safety” because at IUB we have such a large pedestrian population but also about bicycle safety.  (see IU’s Traffic Safety initiatives However, a recent article from … Continue reading

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  June 23 was the largest full moon we will see in 2013 – a “supermoon.”  The moon’s orbit is elliptical (not perfectly circular), which puts the moon closer to Earth at times. When the perigee moon is close to … Continue reading

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What’s new on ET2

It’s been a busy summer.  We’ve made progress on several projects including Indiana Historic Maps which now includes 819 maps and are working on the upcoming release of our digital collection of Russian Red Army maps on our Cyrillic … Continue reading

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Newspaper Archive!

We have recently subscribed to the Indiana section of a large digital collection of newspapers, entitled Newspaper Archive (  This is a Proquest product but not exactly the same as their very popular Historic Newspaper product that provides archival coverage … Continue reading

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Turtles of Indiana

Whether you’re hiking, camping, or boating this summer, you’re sure to encounter some Indiana wildlife along the way. One creature that can be spotted in the summer time is the turtle. Indiana is home to eighteen different species of turtles. … Continue reading

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Little 500!

In deference to the hype sweeping through campus about this spectacular event, we at ET2 are dedicating a blog entry to it! So, we scrounged up some resources to help support the Little 5! Let’s get some context about the … Continue reading

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Alaska Day!

Sitka Harbor (Image of Sitka Harbor, Photograph by Robert A. Estremo,copyright 2002, Happy Alaska Day, everyone! On October 18, 1867 a ceremony was held in Sitka, Alaska to officially transfer the ownership of Alaska from Russia to the United … Continue reading

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Hey, by the way… it’s Constitution Day!

September 17th, 2012 is officially U.S. Constitution Day.  In 2004, Congress passed Public Law 108-447 stipulating “Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year shall hold an educational program on the U.S. Constitution on September 17 of … Continue reading

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The Sokol Movement (AND map!)

I just love getting new maps, especially when they come with stories. This edition, Zdar XI. vsesokolskému sletu a nasí  setu zlaté Praze  [Success to the Eleventh All-Sokol Gathering and to our golden Prague], was published in 1948 for attendees … Continue reading

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Health and Aging

Do you know which country has the longest life expectancy? What about the shortest? According to 2009 data from the World Health Organization, at 83 years Japan and San Marino have the longest life expectancy, while in Malawi, the average … Continue reading

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