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It’s finally SPRING – Join the TRASH BASH!

Spring Break is over.  It’s an over-generalization but it seems that the older you are, the less likely you are to go on “vacation” during Spring Break.  Come see the results of the survey by Geography 325 on display in … Continue reading

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How to find an old diplomat or start research U.S. Foreign relations: Suppose you are researching foreign relations with Argentina in the 1930’s or with Poland in the 1960s and you’d like to know who the Ambassadors from those countries … Continue reading

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Duck and Cover!

Last week we covered the anniversary of the first H-Bomb test. This week we’ll continue the theme by exploring fall-out shelters! For me, nothing encapsulates the Cold War era like photos of bomb shelters. Bomb shelters, or fall-out shelters, existed … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown

You have no doubt heard a lot about the government shutdown in the past few weeks. For a good background source that explains the reason for the shutdown, as well as historical precedent, check out this report from the Congressional … Continue reading

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ET2 Update

ORIGIN OF PLACE NAMES is the feature of our front display for October.  This is exciting because the German Heritage Society of Indiana loaned us their exhibit on German place names in Indiana.  We have also posted the 1932 map from … Continue reading

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Traveling Abroad

Are you traveling internationally this summer? The Federal government has several websites and resources that can help you prepare for your trip. The biggest resource for travelers is the State Department’s website. This is where you can apply for … Continue reading

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What is the NSA? Why Should I care?

The NSA, or National Security Agency, was established in 1952 by Presidential Directive of President Truman. Presidential Directives are proposed by the National Security Council, and are classified when they are issued. The Library of Congress has more information about … Continue reading

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Tax Time

Filing taxes is never fun (at least not until that refund check arrives) but we compiled some sources to hopefully make it a little less painful. Check out our snazzy Guide to Tax Information created by ET2′s very own Sarah Alexander! … Continue reading

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New Information Sources

I frequently receive updates alerting me to new publications of interest.  Some of my favorites include the ones from APDU, HSDL, and OECD. APDU is the Association of Public Data Users, a non-governmental group whose membership focuses on employees from … Continue reading

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Only You…

  I don’t know about you, but this warmer weather has me thinking about some of my favorite summertime activities: reading a book in a hammock, swimming, and frolicking in America’s beautiful forests. Therefore, to get us all in a summery frame … Continue reading

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