JACS offers Just Accepted manuscripts

Good news for avid Journal of the American Chemical Society readers: JACS has just started offering access to Just Accepted manuscripts. Just Accepted are manuscripts that have been accepted for publication and that are “posted online prior to technical editing, formatting for publication and author proofing”. One could think of Just Accepted manuscripts as a step prior to ASAP articles. This will expedite the dissemination of research results at least a few weeks!

The ACS Publications Division began posting Just Accepted manuscripts in 2009. The pioneer journals were ACS Chemical Biology, Biochemistry, Journal of Proteome Research, and Molecular Pharmaceutics. Today, most ACS journals haveĀ  Just Accepted manuscripts, though there are a few exceptions: Accounts of Chemical Research, Chemical Reviews, Chemistry of Materials, Inorganic Chemistry, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, Journal of Chemical Education, Journal of Natural Products, Macromolecules, Organometallics, and Organic Letters.

If you have questions or want to read more about Just Accepted manuscripts, ACS Publications Division has helpful FAQ on this topic.

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