2010 Journal Citation Reports available

Thomson Reuters has released the 2010 Journal Citation Reports (JCR). JCR provides citation data, such as the number of citations received in a particular year, and the number of articles published that year. It also provides citation metrics, such as the impact factor, 5-year impact factor, eigenfactor, the journal ranking in categories, and the journal self-citations.

What’s new in the 2010 JCR. This new edition features 10,196 journals: 8005 journals in the Science edition, and 2678 in the Social Sciences edition (485 titles are listed in both).¬†There are two new categories: Primary Health Care, in the Science, Edition, and Cultural Studies, in the Social Sciences Edition. Also, 1,075 journals will receive their Impact Factor for the first time (see the list here). The most successful chemistry debutante is Nature Chemistry, with an Impact Factor of 17.9!

A quick look at Chemistry in 2010 JCR. There are seven chemistry categories in JCR: Analytical, Applied, Inorganic & Nuclear, Medicinal, Multidisciplinary, Organic, and Physical. The chemistry journal with the highest Impact Factor in 2010 is Chemical Reviews (33.0), followed by Nature Materials (29.9) and Chemical Society Reviews (26.6). Besides, the Journal of the American Chemical Society was the highest cited chemistry journal (369,164 cites).

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