New print books in IU Life Sciences Library

We are expanding! The Chemistry Library Blog will be including things of interest for the Life Sciences Library community. In this first Life Sciences post, you will find the list of new books in the Indiana University Life Sciences Library:

(Please, note that not all the books in the list have a cover image.)

  • Breed your own vegetable varieties : the gardener’s and farmer’s guide to plant breeding and seed saving / Carol Deppe [gift]
    SB324.7 .D47 2000.
  • The evidence for evolution / Alan R. Rogers
    QH361 .R64 2011.
  • Noble cows and hybrid zebras : essays on animals and history / Harriet Ritvo
    QL85 .R58 2010.
  • Colonic motility : from bench side to bedside / Sushil K. Sarna
    QP156 .S275 2010.
  • Regulation of endothelial barrier function / Sarah Y. Yuan and Robert R. Rigor
    QP110.V34 Y835 2011.
  • Cerebral plasticity : new perspectives / edited by Leo M. Chalupa … [et al.] QP363.3 .C467 2011.
  • From brain to mind : using neuroscience to guide change in education / James E. Zull
    QP408 .Z85 2011.
  • An insider’s guide to clinical trials / Curtis L. Meinert
    R853.C55 M43 2011.
  • Population genetics of bacteria : a tribute to Thomas S. Whittam / edited by Seth T. Walk, Peter C. H. Feng
    QH434 .P67 2011.
  • Land use, climate change and biodiversity modeling : perspectives and applications / [edited by] Yongyut Trisurat, Raj
    QH75 .L26 2011.
  • How drugs work : basic pharmacology for healthcare professionals / Hugh McGavock ; foreword by Hugh McKenna
    RM300 .M43 2011.
  • Auxin signaling : from synthesis to systems biology / edited by Mark Estelle … [et al.]
    QK753.A8 A98 2011.
  • The beast within : animals in the Middle Ages / Joyce E. Salisbury
    QL85 .S25 2011.
  • Biology of spiders / Rainer F. Foelix
    QL458.4 .F6313 2011.
  • Obesity epidemiology / edited by David Crawford … [et al.]
    RC628 .O2935 2010.
  • The ideal of nature : debates about biotechnology and the environment / edited by Gregory E. Kaebnick
    QH332 .I337 2011.
  • Core maths for the biosciences / Martin B. Reed
    QA37.3 .R4 2011.
  • Darwin’s pharmacy : sex, plants, and the evolution of the noösphere / Richard Doyle
    QH331 .D688 2011.
  • Adaptation and well-being : social allostasis / Jay Schulkin
    QP356.45 .S377 2011.
  • Translational research and clinical practice : basic tools for medical decision making and self-learning /Stephen C. Aronoff
    R723.7 .A76 2011.
  • Natural capital : theory & practice of mapping ecosystem services / edited by Peter Kareiva … [et al.]
    QH541.15.E25 N38 2011.
  • Sedges : Carex / Robert H. Mohlenbrock ; illustrated by Paul W. Nelson
    QK495.C997 M63 2011.
  • DNA polymerases : discovery, characterization, and functions in cellular DNA transactions / Ulrich Hübscher … [et al]
    QP606.D46 D58 2010.
  • Neutron protein crystallography : hydrogen, protons, and hydration in bio-macromolecules / Nobuo Niimura, Alberto Podj
    QD905.2 .N55 2011.
  • Did Darwin write the Origin backwards? : philosophical essays on Darwin’s theory / Elliott Sober
    QH365.O8 S63 2011.
  • Advances in genomic sequence analysis and pattern discovery / editors, Laura Elnitski, Helen Piontkivska, Lonnie R. Welch
    QH445.2 .A383 2011.
  • Here on Earth : a new beginning / Tim Flannery
    QH367 .F36 2011.
  • Field notes on science & nature / edited by Michael R. Canfield
    QH318.5 .F54 2011.
  • The evolution of anisogamy : a fundamental phenomenon underlying sexual selection / [edited by] Tatsuya Togashi, Paul
    QH481 .E86 2011.
  • Urban ecology : patterns, processes, and applications / editor in chief, Jari Niemelä ; section editors, Jürgen H. B
    QH541.5.C6 U7 2011.
  • Exercise and chronic disease : an evidence-based approach / edited by John Saxton
    RB156 .E94 2011.
  • HIV in China : understanding the social aspects of the epidemic / edited by Jing Jun & Heather Worth
    RC606.6 .H5846 2010.
  • Translational stem cell research : issues beyond the debate on moral status of the human embryo / Kristina Hug, Göran
    QH588.S83 T73 2011.
  • Vitamins in the prevention of human diseases / edited by Wolfgang Herrmann and Rima Obeid
    QP801.V5 V58 2011.
  • Animal tool behavior : the use and manufacture of tools by animals / Robert W. Shumaker, Kristina R. Walkup, and Benja
    QL785 .B32 2011.
  • The organisation of mind / Tim Shallice, Richard P. Cooper
    QP360.5 .S53 2011.
  • The Medical Library Association guide to finding out about complementary and alternative medicine : the best print and electronic resouces / Gregory A. Crawford
    Z6675.A42 C73 2010.
  • High performance chelation ion chromatography / Pavel N. Nesterenko, Phil Jones, Brett Paull
    QP519.9.H53 N47 2011.
  • Designing and conducting gender, sex, & health research / editors, John L. Oliffe, Lorraine J. GreavesR850 .D47 2012.
  • Direct-to-consumer genetic testing : summary of a workshop / Mary Fraker and Anne-Marie Mazza, rapporteurs ; Committee
    RB155.65 .D57 2011.
  • The language of genetics : an introduction / Denis R. Alexander
    QH431 .A378 2011.
  • The major transitions in evolution revisited / edited by Brett Calcott and Kim Sterelny
    QH366.2 .M34 2011.
  • Chronic pain and addiction / volume editors, M.R. Clark, G.J. Treisman
    RB127 .C4824 2011.
  • Teach us to sit still : a skeptic’s search for health and healing / Tim Parks
    RB127 .P3676 2011.
  • Modern biotechnology : panacea or new Pandora’s box? / Johannes Tramper and Yang Zhu
    TP248.2 .T73 2011.
  • Concise rules of APA style
    BF76.7 .C66 2010, Blmgtn – Life Sciences Library (B-LIFESCI), Reference
  • Statistics for nursing : a practical approach / Elizabeth Heavey
    RT68 .H43 2011.
  • How we age : a doctor’s journey into the heart of growing old / Marc E. Agronin
    HQ1061 .A485 2011.
  • Male germline stem cells : developmental regenerative potential / Kyle E. Orwig, Brian P. Hermann,editors
    QH588.S83 M35 2011.
  • Reproduction and sexuality in marine fishes : patterns and processes / edited by Kathleen S. Cole
    QL620 .R47 2010.
  • The longevity project : surprising discoveries for health and long life from the landmark eight-decade study / Howard S. Friedman
    RA776.75 .F75 2011.
  • Advanced nursing research : from theory to practice / Ruth M. Tappen
    RT81.5 .T37 2011.
  • Leading and managing in nursing / [edited by] Patricia S. Yoder-Wise
    RT89 .L43 2011.
  • Engineering animals : how life works / Mark Denny, Alan McFadzean
    QP31.2 .D46 2011.
  • Annoying : the science of what bugs us / Joe Palca and Flora Lichtman
    QP401 .P35 2011.
  • The science of drinking : how alcohol affects your body and mind / Amitava Dasgupta
    QP801.A3 D37 2011.
  • Shadows on the Gulf : a journey through our last great wetland / Rowan Jacobsen
    QH92.3 .J33 2011.
  • Structural biology of DNA damage and repair / Michael P. Stone, editor ; sponsored by ACS Division of Chemical Toxicol
    QH467 .S77 2010.
  • Chimeras and consciousness: evolution of the sensory self / edited by Lynn Margulis, Celeste A. Asikainen, and Wolfgang E. Krumbein.
    QP411 .C55 2011.
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