Mobile Chemistry: Reader Reader is the app of Nature Publishing Group for browsing news and abstracts of articles from selected NPG journals. The journals available so far are: Nature, Nature Communications, Nature Medicine, Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Reviews Microbiology, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Physics, Nature Genetics, and Scientific Reports — we will wait impatiently for Nature Chemistry and Nature Materials.

Once downloaded, abstracts can be read off-line. Also, references can be e-mailed, shared  on Twitter or Facebook, added to Connotea, or bookmarked and saved for later.

Can I have full-text access? There are two possibilities for full-text access: 1) institutional and personal subscribers may view the full-text of an article in Safari (unfortunately, one has to exit the Reader application first); and 2) individuals can purchase a mobile subscription to the journals they are interested in. Different journals have different prices. For instance, the price of the Nature mobile subscription is one year per $79.99 and 30 day per $9.99. Also, it is important to note that open-access content may be accessed free of charge, so at least access to Scientific Reports is guaranteed for non-subscribers!

Search capabilities. There is a search box that allows searches in, PubMed and arXiv. However, searches seem to be fairly limited so far — can only be searched back to 2009, and I am still trying to figure out the coverage of the searches conducted in PubMed and arXiv through this app. More interestingly, one can set up search profiles in, PubMed, and arXiv and get the new references in the “Saved Searches” tab.

Further information:

  • Devices: iPhone, and iPad
  • Seller: Nature Publishing Group
  • Price: free
  • Where to get it: Apple Store
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