Mobile Chemistry: Science Mobile

Science Mobile is the app of Science. Basically, Science Mobile offers three different types of content:
-  news from Science Now and the Science Insider blog.
- articles from ScienceCareers.
- table of contents of the last issues of Science, Science Signaling and Science Translational Medicine, including access to summaries and abtracts of research articles.

Can I share references? Yes, references (link to the article) can be shared by e-mail. However, the shareability is fairly limited, since no Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, etc. sharing is enabled.

Can I read full-text articles with Science Mobile? News and careers stories can be read full-text in Science Mobile. Research articles and other content from the journals cannot be read full-text — only abstracts and summaries are offered. Unfortunately, there is no “Open in Safari” link so  my creative solution is to e-mail the reference to myself and then open it.

Can I read the content off-line? Yes, once the content has been loaded it can be read offline.

Further information:

  • Devices: Android, and iPhone. It is not yet available for iPad, so if you are using the iPhone version in your tablet it will have the iPhone size — just in case you cannot live without having Science Mobile.
  • Seller: American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Price: free
  • Where to get it: Apple Store, and Android Market
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