The Cell: An Image Library

Scanning electron microscope picture of a nerve ending that has been broken open to reveal the synaptic vesicles beneath the cell membrane. Image by Tina Carvalho. The Cell: An Image Library

The Cell: An Image Library is a public repository of images, videos, and animations of cells and their constituents. We learned about this fantastic resource reading IU’s Metadata Discussion Group blog (thanks!) and we thought it may be of interest to science students. We know that this blog is mainly about chemistry, but it is worth exploring this image library — it may be a great resource of researchers, educators, or just for cell biology lovers.

This project was funded by the NIH and created by the American Society for Cell Biology. It currently contains more than 4,000 total images. Submissions are open to the community (do you have cell images? learn more about the submission process here). Images are curated and annotated by experts.

One can browse images by cell component (i.e. cell wall), cell process (i.e. cell division, cell death, etc.), cell type (i.e. astrocyte, or basal cell), and organism (i.e. maize mosaic virus). Also, there are basic and advanced search capabilities. The advanced search options allow to restrict the search by biology, anatomy, and imaging methods employing specific ontology terms.

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