Book Citation Index

IU has now access to the Book Citation Index. Included in Web of Science, the Book Citation Index contains citation data for scholarly books in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

What’s in the Book Citation Index? Scholarly books with publication year starting 2005 that “present fully referenced articles of original research or reviews of the literature”. It contains both series and non-series books. You may find the book master list here and the list of publishers here.

What’s not in the Book Citation Index? Undergraduate textbooks, manuals, reference books, compendiums, atlases, guides, and books of abstracts. You may read about the book selection process here.

How can I have access to the Book Citation Index? The Book Citation Index is included in Web of Science. The default in Web of Science is to search all the Citation Databases (Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, Arts & Humanities Citation Index, and the Science and Social Sciences Book Citation Indexes for us), but you can set your own limits.

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