PDF Trouble Shooting – Part 2: Printing

You open your PDF file and send it to print. You go over the print release station, log in and…freeze. There are no documents waiting to print! Where did it go?!

This happens all the time in the IU Libraries. We have determined that, for whatever reason, the system IU uses to send documents to those print release stations just don’t like PDF files. Luckily there are a few work-arounds that we’ve all figured out to help you. Before resending your document to the printer, consider the size of the file. Was it several dozen pages? In that case, you may just need to wait a minute or two for it to transfer to the release station. But if your file is pretty normal in size, go ahead and resend it, following one of these two sets of directions.

Option One: Print as an Image

  1. Go to Print…
  2. Click on the Advanced button, pictured here advanced
  3. Check the very small Print as Image boxprintasimage
  4.  Click OK

Option Two: Save as a Word Document

  1.  Save PDF to the desktop or other easily found location (if it is not already saved)
  2. Open the file you just saved.
  3. Save As a Word Document, as shown heresaveas
  4. Open Word Document, making sure the formatting is still acceptable for your purposes.
  5. Print

We hope one of these solutions works for you! If they don’t or you’d just like someone to show you how to do it, always feel free to ask your friendly librarians!

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