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Country reports in our databases

Several databases offer written country analysis or profiles. They range from a couple of pages to over a hundred. Following is the name of the database (hyperlinked), the number of countries covered, and an example of their report for France. … Continue reading

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European TV channels and programming

With the growth of satellite, cable, and IPTV programming, finding basic information on European televesion can be difficult. A great reference book is Television in 36 European States¬†Volume 1. It lists all the channels one can get in a country … Continue reading

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Find new products marketed as ‘good’ for the environment

If you are trying to find what products globally companies are creating in response to environmental awareness, explore the database Product Launch Analytics. Search for terms as biodegradable, green, environment, etc. The results are global and can be delivered directly … Continue reading

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Is there a town called Bedford Falls in the U.S.?

The movie It’s a Wonderful Life takes place in a town called Bedford Falls. Is there such a place? The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)¬† contains information about physical and cultural geographic features of all types in the United States, … Continue reading

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Life magazine pictures available

[left] Hair Styles; Spring Flowers, Life Magazine, 1951 [right] That Young New York Look, Life Magazine, 1969 This is really cool – an archive of photos from LIFE magazine is now searchable on Google. Just go to and you … Continue reading

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