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Author Highlight: John Green

“Those awful things are survivable because we are as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be.” — Looking for Alaska There’s certainly no fault in John Green’s stars. If you haven’t heard of him yet, John Green is an Indiana … Continue reading

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Crisis in Ukraine

We certainly don’t need to tell you the crisis in Ukraine has caused quite a stir–in many ways, it can be overwhelming trying to sift through all of the available information. Because of this, we’ve put together a brief list … Continue reading

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Fore-Edge Paintings and You

When they weren’t learning how to garden with lobsters or questioning the best method to use when trimming their toenails underwater, the people of 18th century England were shelling out their shillings for the latest literary trend—fore-edge paintings. Often featuring … Continue reading

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Scholars’ Commons is Underway!

Construction at the Herman B Wells Library is finally underway! You may have noticed that since the beginning of the semester, the first floor of the East Tower has been stripped down to just about nothing. This has been in … Continue reading

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On Nurturing Creativity

As we approach the middle of the semester, many of us are in the throes of research projects, papers, whathaveyou, with ever looming deadlines. Even those who find that the creative process comes naturally to them hit mental brick walls. … Continue reading

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Black History Month at the Library

Check out 3 ways the library can help you celebrate Black History Month before February is out! 1. With their collections of African American history and culture with an emphasis on the performing arts, the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Library … Continue reading

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New York Fashion Week

Another Fashion Week has come and gone. Until next season, here’s some recommended reading from six designers who made a splash this year. *Images courtesy of NY Magazine’s The Cut.

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The Burroughs Century in Bloomington, February 5-9

William S. Burroughs, also known by his pen name, William Lee, rose to prominence during the era of The Beats in the 1950s. He wrote novels, essays, short- stories, and was also known for his spoken word performances. Like many … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday President Washington and President Lincoln!

In the month of February the United States recognizes the birth of two monumental leaders of yesteryear. Here are some quick facts in honor of their birthdays: President George Washington • Washington was born February 22, 1732 in Pope’s Creek, … Continue reading

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Where’s Waldo: How to Find a Book in Wells

Venturing into the stacks of Wells Library can be a daunting task, but fear not, finding the book you want is easier than you think. Follow these five easy steps and it’ll be second nature in no time. 1. Search … Continue reading

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