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Little Known Thanksgiving Facts

Sarah Josepha Hale (1788-1879), who tirelessly worked to establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday, was also an advocate for education. She was the first person to advocate women as teachers in public schools, the first to advocate day nurseries to … Continue reading

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A Virtual Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Tradition

For most college students, Thanksgiving symbolizes a much-needed break in a long Fall Semester, trips home to visit friends and family, football, and perhaps most importantly, food. Most of us went through elementary school hearing romanticized stories about pilgrims, Native … Continue reading

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T-Minus Three Days

Thanksgiving is still three days away and already the Information Commons is looking deserted!  Most of us are probably headed home, others are staying in, but there’s one thing that’s for sure:  pretty much none of us want to spend … Continue reading

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A feast is worth a thousand words

Thanksgiving…it’s just a few weeks away and I can already  smell the pumpkin pie. Whether you’re looking forward to a traditional turkey dinner, or this is the first time you’re experiencing our American tradition of eating too much and being … Continue reading

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